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Inventory availability

The information on the availability of our products on our website is updated regularly. The inventory on the site is exact, but errors can occur sometimes. This information doesn’t guarantee the availability of the product. Also, the inventory, the sales and the prices of the products may differ online versus in store.


Policy on coupons and discount:

If you have a promotion code, please indicate it in the code promo square. Only one coupon can be used per order. If there is more than one discount on a purchase, the highest one will be applied.



The new discounts can not be applied on previous bought merchandise. Therefore, the discounts can not be applied retroactively. We do not propose price adjustments on products bought previously. The discount prices can end at any time.

Our offers are valid online only. We reserve the right to modify or cancel a promotion due to system errors or unforeseen circumstances. Please note that prices and product availability are subject to change and offers are limited in time.


Online Pricing

Since we specialize in Toys and Games sales, in store and online, not only we have a larger variety  of products but also a higher purchase volume through our manufacturers and suppliers, allowing us to have better prices.

This allows us to pay less and manage differently our Internet inventory to offer you, in some cases, better online prices.


Our offers and discounts online are not applicable on products in store.


Price errors/ Typography

Although we try to be 100% specific, price errors or typography can be made. We are not responsible for these mistakes and we reserve the right to cancel orders resulting from such errors.


Accepted payment methods

We accept Paypal and credit cards. The store Chat Perché assure the protection of your personal information. We use an encrypted technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to help the protection of your credit card number and other personal details. When you place an order, you are asked to put in your credit card information. Cancellations: The store Chat Perché treats the orders as soon as possible. For that reason, we can not guarantee the cancellation of your order. If you must cancel an order, please send us an e-mail or call us as soon as possible, and we will do our best to access your request. If your order is already treated, please read our policies on refunds or exchanges for additional instructions.


Refusal of delivery

If a package is refused during a delivery or isn’t reclaimed from the post office in the 10 days following, the customer will be charged 20$ CAD (retour fees and return to stock). The customer will receive a refund off the original shipping, subtracting the real shipping cost (not the discount cost). If a product was sent with free shipping, the customer will be refunded for the product, but will be charged for the real shipping fee and for the return shipping fee that was disbursed by the store. If the total fees are higher than the amount for the order, the customer will not be credited or refunded.


Return and exchange policy

If you want to return the articles bought online, please contact us within 10 days following the reception for a refund (minus the shipping fees), or within 30 days for an exchange or store credit. The products must be intact, unused and in their original packages. If an article was used, you will not be credited.

Returning merchandise must be authorized, assured and secured par the return department. To proceed, you must send us an e-mail with a return request. Afterwards, you will receive a refund authorization number (#AR) with return instructions. Please indicate if you would like a store credit or an exchange for the product. The product that is being returned must have a #AR sent by the Chat Perché store. If the item doesn’t have an authorization number, the costumer will be charged 20$ CAD (refund fees and stock return). As soon as the article is received at the store, a full return of the merchandise will be applied, minus the real shipping cost. The buyer is responsible for all shipping fees, that includes return fees and shipping fees. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages during the transportation when an item is returned. When using a promotional code for a purchase, a coupon or a gift certificate are eligible for exchange only. Please note that items bought as a final sale can not be refunded or exchanged. For more information on return or exchange policy, contact-us by e-mail.


Delivery fees when returning a product 

The delivery fees for a return are the buyer’s responsibility, except in the following cases: - The item that was sent is not the right one-      

If an item is defective, the manufacturer will take care of the delivery fee when the item is returned to you, the store does not pay the fee. Defective items We always do our best to deliver your purchases without any damage. Although, if you receive an item that is damaged, please contact us in the 10 days following the delivery. After the 10 days, the store Chat Perché cannot replace the damaged items and all questions must be dealt with the manufacturer. The Chat Perché provides the best quality of merchandise and buys products from manufacturers that are reputed for that same quality. Most of the articles are covered by the company’s warranty, for the most part, they are included in the item’s packaging. If you have a problem with an item, if you need more instructions, or if you need spare pieces, we recommend you contact the manufacturer directly.  The Chat Perché reserves the right to replace broken parts before replacing the broken item altogether. If a spare part is not available, we will take back the defective item and another replacement will be send back to you after the reception of that defective item, with no additional fees. The replacement orders or spare parts for defective items are not admissible for express shipping.

Defective items are not eligible for monetary refunds, except if the product is discontinued or is not available.   


Content of the website

The description of products and all other information on the website Chat Perché are created by the team members. They strive to write the best description possible and to give a realistic reproduction of the articles. All reproduction of the site and/or it’s content used for commercial purposes is prohibited without the authorization of the store Chat Perché and will result with consequences.

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