Schleich SCHLEICH 13648 - Chick
Schleich SCHLEICH 13648 - Chick

SCHLEICH 13648 - Chick

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3 years + Varying in color according to age and gender, chickens are feathered in browns, whites, and creams.

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3 years +

Popular for their eggs and meat, chickens can be housed at a home, at a farm or by the thousands. For its health benefits and supply, chicken is consumed across the globe. As omnivores, chickens eat insects, seeds, and even mice and lizards. Throughout a three week long incubation, hens incubate and rotate their eggs, fertilized or not. Living up to a decade, chickens generally stay on land but have been known to fly in short bursts. As a flock, chickens abide by a pecking order. This way, the dominant birds always get first choice.



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