Gladius Fais Moi Confiance FR Gladius Fais Moi Confiance FR
Gladius Fais Moi Confiance FR Gladius Fais Moi Confiance FR

Gladius Fais Moi Confiance FR

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FRENCH. Age : 10 years old and up. Gladius arrives with a novelty never seen before: a quiz game where bluff is in the spotlight. Fool your opponents with surprising assertions, true or false!

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Age: 10 years and up.

3 players and up.


Choose from the two proposed statements the one that you think will allow you to fool the interrogated player. Sow doubt in his mind and convince him to trust you. The key to success: to be credible. In the end, he must choose to trust you or not. As soon as a player has read his assertion, all players can intervene to help ... harm ... or create the most total confusion. If the player questioned falls into the trap and you manage to trick him, you keep the game card; otherwise, it is he who keeps it.


When a player takes a APPEL À TOUS card, all players play at the same time. This is a speed game. To play, place both hands behind your head, and listen to the player announce the theme and read his card. If you think you've heard something that belongs to the theme, be the first to hit the buzzer and win the card.


The player who accumulates more cards wins the game.

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